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This project gleans its inspiration from some rough sketches dating back to the XVII century that had been found under the seat of a penny-farthing given to my great-grandfather by a nobleman of the time. After a reinterpretation in a modern key that I made in collaboration with a very dear friend of mine working as a designer in Los Angeles, I came back to Italy and, in a small craftsmen’s studio, I gave life to this adventure trying to tell the birth of the eyewear from that ages’ point of view.





The choice of the materials originates from the will to create a line inspired by the past but, at the same time, easily fitting, relying on the quality, lightness and versatility of the matter.

Metal is the main component and, in this case, it is a very light and flexible kind of metal that has been used for both the frame and the fasteners in order to give the maximum comfort to our customers.

For the smallest parts, such as the hooks or the hinges, we have decided to use the German silver, a metal with good mechanical qualities and resistant to corrosion. Loops and terminals are made of cellulose acetate, while for the choice of the lens we relied on the high zeiss’ quality, composed of three parts in polycarbonate, nylon and cr respectively, with a uv 400 protection.

To give better traction to all the different colorings, all the frames have been exposed to the sandblasting process before the electroplating bath.




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