A contemporary eyewear brand from Valdobbiadene in Veneto, north-east of Italy, an area historically known for the production of frames and sunglasses. Founded in 2015 by CarloAlberto Perissinotto.

The original style statement focuses on a very special way to treat the materials that we use to the glasses.  The result is a genuine product with a RAW finishing look that reflects excellence trough passion and authenticity. WHY RAW?

  • Because we like to valorize materials in their natural state: not (always) processed or purified
  • Because we like the ‘unprepared or imperfectly prepared for use’ style.
  • Because not looking polished, finished, or processed is our thing.
  • Because we can do it (right)


CarloAlberto Perissinotto, found his inspiration in the powerful beaches of the Canary Island in Spain. When he saw the corrosion of seawater on some pieces of metal on the shore he got the idea of creating something with this fascinating rusty material.

What else could it be? Glasses! CarloAlberto decided to create his own line of eyewear and set up a lab in his father’s garage.

Eccentric, unconventional and of course respecting his own personality: MOODY.

A few years later, we have to move from CarloAlberto father’s garage to our quarters in Valdobbiadene. But our experimental spirit is still here.


Moody glasses are entirely handmade in Italy, in the Valdobbiadene eyewear district, by local artisans and factories. The glasses use only Mazzucchelli acetate sheets, Japanese titanium and stainless steel and mount anti-glare Carbolite lenses to ensure superior quality vision from the first use. The 5 ring-hinges, produced in Italy as well, allow a greater stability to glasses and prevent tears and breaks in the area of the temples.

Production, materials, cases and lenses are entirely made in Italy, exactly as the design of our frames.