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The Beginning

The Beginning

Moody's story cannot be told without the telling the life experience of his founder CarloAlberto. He started to work at a young age performing different types of works. Even if he was good and very curious he decided to quick school when he was just 17 years old.. 
"I was happy at that time and have a lot of fun, but I had the feeling that school wasn't for me", he says now. 

Years later, in 2013, he decided to leave his beloved Italy and changing the romantic venetian "calles" for the great waves of Australia in the pursuit of a change. This trip was revealing for CarloAlberto because he discovered that he wanted to do something different with his life and not just have a 'regular job. However, at the moment he wasn't ready to decide what to do. 




When he returns to Italy he still is feeling lost about what do in life so he departures to the Canary Islands in Spain, telling his father he would go to work, but he just want gain time to think. While there, CarloAlberto fells in love the sea and the beach. He became obsess with the aesthetics produce by the corrosion of the objects in seawater.
"That rusty look cannot be wasted", he thought.

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On the other hand, he had branded lenses that he didn't like and in that second, it all made sense. He wanted to do his own Independent Eyewear Brand that respects him, his style and his vision.eyewear inspo People believed him crazy. Back in Venice, in the garage of his father's house, he set up a small laboratory and without professional knowledge, he began to experiment with different materials; aluminum, steel, acids in order to obtain that rusty look that he saw in the Canary Island. After that, creates a few samples of the Eyewear he had in mind and named the brand "Moody" as he describes it's his own personality. Hybrid Start, the first collection, became a success because the original shapes and the raw materials. Is still available here.

 "At the beginning was really hard, because opticians thought that Moody was way too eccentric", says CarloAlberto.

 Since then, he hasn't stopped. And the brand has been characterized by the use of unconventional materials with baffling details such as the frame graph or rusty effect. Currently, Moody has gained popularity between niche optics and customers seeking a balance between classic, eccentric and fresh.

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