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NEW: Scratch Collection

NEW: Scratch Collection

There’s not secret that this season trends favor strong geometric frames, vibrant colored sunglasses and a lot of 90’ vibes. Have no fear, though, we don’t like to be in the middle of the trend. The Scratch Collection launched this summer ’19 have nice twist and touches that stand out, while still keeping it classical, elegant and fresh.

We inspired in glass; objects and vases made in simple shapes transparent and colored. Nothing complex.

mood inspo

Of course, we can’t help our self to leave or personal print in our creations with a nice touch of “scratch” in the upper part of the frame and temples. Have you ever seen a scratched lenses on purpose before?

dustin scratch

The selection of materials is a very important part of the creation of every collection and we spend a lot of time looking for the right ones. This season, we made – for the first time- a line made in Mazzucchelli and Bioplastic Mazzucchelli acetate. 


Subtle and fashion forward at the same time, we made thick frames competing with bright colors frames and translucent sunglasses. Wrapped up in a palette of green, blue, avana, and of course, black.

mazzucchelli sunglasses


On the opposite end of the stick, we add three models made in alpaca and acetate details with original and strong geometrical frames.



Curious? Discover here the full collection. 

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